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Once Google Survey is ready for you, you will receive a notification from Google Rai Awards. After cancellation, credits will be credited to your Play Store account. This credit is similar to the free Google Play Money. This app is available for free and compatible with any Android phone and tablet.

How does the Google prize work?
Find out the full functionality of the Google Rew Awards, which include setting up a Google account and conducting surveys. Take a look at it!
Step 1: Pay Google Prize Paid
First visit the Google Play Store, find and install Google Award awards.
Determine the Google Opinion Award
Step 2: Create a profile

When installing Google Review Pricing, you must launch the application. Once the application is launched, you will get a brief introduction to the app.
You can simply flip this intro part by tapping the Exit button.
Google Reward Award - Create Profile

Then you will be asked in the app to provide some information about you.
Its purpose is to get your demographic information related to surveys including your age group, zip code, gender, language, etc.
Google Rai Awards

The Google Rair Award asks that you want to accept occasional surveys so that you can choose among the options.
After you create your profile, you will be taken to the application dashboard where you can view your Google Play Balance and Prize Logs.
When a survey is available, they will see what you can see in the Google Opinion Award Dashboard.
Step 3: Take a survey

Once you create a profile, you will be taken to the main menu of the application.
Google Rai Awards Survey

If you have a survey, you will be welcomed by the displayed overlay.
Tap anywhere on the screen to cancel this overlay. You will see your opinion screen dashboard.
From now on, answer the survey questions most often. If this was a payment survey, your Google Play account will be done with the payment after completing the survey.
Google Rewards - Credits

You can see your available balance through the menu. Use it to buy goods from Play store.
2. FreeMyApps
FreeMyApps is a great application that not only offers free gift cards for Google Play, but also prizes for Amazon, Xbox, Spotfi, Starbucks, Skype etc. This is a great app that lets you buy free Google Play balance. This app offers new free apps and games and allows you to redeem your funds for a free gift card.

How do I get free Google Play balance on FreeMyAps?
Install FreeMyApps from the Play Store.
Download new apps and games and run it for free.
You can earn these credits by trying these apps and games.
Redeem your free gift card credit